Cyber Defense Hub

people in a group discussing app development
people in a group discussing app development

Terranova Aerospace and Defense Industries (TADI) Cyber Defense Hub was designed to service all companies, businesses, services, government and others within North America's boundaries, offering a variety of business services with global corporations, organizations, SMEs, and individuals alike.

As technology advances and new concepts and capabilities emerge worldwide, North America must lead strategic integration of innovative and effective cybersecurity and defensive solutions. Our national infrastructure and defense's future and safety will either be characterized by crippling vulnerabilities or growth and success. The TADI Cyber Defense Hub has been planned to meet the threat head-on with a state-of-the-art smart facilities, with access to meeting spaces to classrooms to innovation and research labs to our new post-quantum resilient encryption and blockchain centers, allowing for in-person and online classified meetings and research at the Top Secret/NATO Secret levels, all in one location.

An evolving threatscape barrages organizations with increasingly sophisticated and targeted attacks. Today, a multi-faceted strategy is necessary to defend against breaches on all fronts of your IT and digital environments. At CSGA we have developed a team of subject and program-matter experts, cybersecurity specialists, CISO's and other cyber defense experts along with their expertise, tools, and resources into a comprehensive solution that is unparallel to any other cyber organization today.

The TDS Cyber Defense Hub is the largest cyber defense hub in the world today. It has been designed as an agnostic “Cyber Domain Ecosystem.” A place where subject matter experts can come together with their processes and capabilities to customize solutions and accelerate the implementation of advanced Cyber-Technologies through experimentation, innovation, research, and application.

Education and Training - Experimental Education 

Here you will have access to various resources, equipment, and space for all of your Cyber education and training needs.

=> Cyber Academy
=> Cyber Testing
=> Cyber Internship
=> Research and Innovation

Concepts are generated and tested in labs through cutting-edge technology like VR, wargaming, AI, and Quantum Computing.

We put cutting-edge technology to work — taking a proactive stance to thwart attacks on your company or organization. Using next-generation tools, we will make it possible to monitor closely, target precisely and eliminate threats quickly, using a triple threat detection and protection system built in Canada, that will create a fully secure defense system that is currently available today.

=> Cyber Innovation & Integration Lab
=> Quantum Computing Lab
=> Multi-Domain Wargaming Lab
=> Emerging Technologies Lab
=> Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

Use smart algorithms to identify patterns, interpret data and continuously improve operational efficiency.

=> Cloud (public, hybrid, tactical) Customize the cloud to your exact needs without sacrificing safety with comprehensive cloud guidance and implementation.
=> Modeling & Simulation Lab
=> Software and Hardware Lab
=> Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (VR) Immersive experiences allow a user to learn from pre-programmed scenarios, interact with modules, and more.
=> War-Gaming Lab Test strategies, run scenarios, and accurately calculate impacts to improve your tactical abilities and success.
=> Cybersecurity

From point solutions to organization-wide coverage, we offer network, endpoint, data, and user protection.

The TDS Cyber Defense Hub will serve at the global cornerstone for our cyber domain ecosystem. Specifically designed to allow businesses, government and non-profits and for-profits to connect with and to our community, our Cyber Defense Hub will provide the most innovative facility in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), where cybersecurity threats against our Country won’t stand a chance.

Cyber Defense Division

Space and Defense Division

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Artificial Intelligence Division

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