Terranova Defense Solutions Incorporated

Founded: 2014 | Amalgamated: 2022

Terranova International Public Safety Canada

2012 - 2015

Terranova Defense Solutions Incorporated

2018 - 2020

Terranova Defense Solutions provides innovative defensive solutions to physical, environmental and digital threats globally. It is through his collaboration where Terranova Defense Solutions was born.

Terranova Aerospace Solutions Incorporated

2015 - 2018

Terranova Defense Industries (Amalgamated)

2020 - Present

It is Terranova Defense Solutions' mission to deliver competitive, highly reliable mission critical cybersecurity, cyber defense, and supply chain security products, systems and services that meet our customers’ global needs. We recognize that people, corporations, and governments depend on our digital defenses and in the tools we provide.

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Terranova Consultation Services

Terranova Defense works with domestic and international companies and defense agencies that are at risk of physical and digital threats including cyber attacks. We utilize our own National Supply Chain Security solutions to develop greatly needed critical infrastructure in cybersecurity and defense systems outside the USA. Our industry tools include digital technologies like CSR5 threat software, post-quantum, blockchain, and artificial intelligence solutions, that work together enabling the global flow of commerce, access to healthcare, fintech, defense, SMBs and digital freedom.

Terranova Defense’s mission offers the world’s top digital defense solutions to NATO approved countries and their allies. Through our digital and serviced solutions, we help provide people and companies with secured defensive resources. giving you the ability to make the right information to make the right choices with a piece of mind, knowing that all your defensive needs are covered by leading security experts and specialists globally.

We offer a number of products and services, ranging from cybersecurity products, membership assistance, cyber insurance, cyber legal services and data security. Terranova Aerospace and Defense Industries is a global member and founder of Cyber Security Global Alliance. When you work with us, we can provide you with professional and expediated business services that you will need to open up in new markets throughout North America today. Our team can provide you with data protection and security upon request, including Ransomware and Zero Day protection and recover services, website building services and more.

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Terranova Aerospace Solutions

Terranova Defense Solutions Incorporated

Terranova Aerospace Solutions works with domestic and international companies that are at risk of physical and digital threats including autonomous and digital attacks. Our company has developed post-quantum encryption and specialized blockchain software solutions using AI-driven science and new age technologies with various manufacturing partners that work together, to enable the global flow of commerce, access to healthcare, fintech, and digital freedom.

Terranova Aerospace and Defense Industries, along side our non-profit partner Cyber Security Global Alliance, we are committed to tackling any technological threat that challenges national security, undermines the rule of law, or fuels the international criminal threat on a global scale.

Healthcare Technologies
architectural photography of range hood
architectural photography of range hood

To provide an exceptional all-inclusive concierge-centered rehabilitation program that transcends beyond traditional in-patient facilities and programs in a 5-diamond equivalent luxury resort environment, providing uniquely lavish and well-appointed services for our residents. Measurable results deliver a Stark Difference compared to today’s traditional medical models and environments.

Our vision is to establish the ultimate collaborative partnership with interdisciplinary teams to maximize the success of our resort concept. We are committed to integrating an array of services that promote physical, neurological, emotional, and mental healing, seamlessly woven into a luxury, world-class medical rehabilitation resort experience.

The CSR5 Cyber Defense System was specifically designed for protecting personal, private, public and critical infrastructure. The system utilizes cutting-edge technology to detect and neutralize threats in real-time with our team of specialists. CSR5 is working to help Canadians and Americans stay safe through data protection and digital safety. We are strong advocates and a voice for our Members on issues such as maintaining critical infrastructure and securing one’s digital footprint.

We offer a number of products and services, ranging from membership assistance, cyber insurance, cyber legal services and data security. CSGA Members can also receive savings at numerous participating partnering agencies and locations that service companies and agencies throughout North America.

CSR5 - Cyber Defense System
red and black abstract illustration
red and black abstract illustration

Governments around the world have serious decisions to make as to how to best protect their citizens, economies, and territorial integrity. The rise of cybercrime has complicated decision-making in all these areas. Modern adversaries are intentionally attacking the weakest link in every country’s defense. Typically, their focus is the country’s supply chain. All industries are impacted by cybercrimes, but many adversaries primarily focus on research and development, defense, and financial sectors. These industries, and all others, need to raise their cybersecurity efforts to better align with the criticality they represent to the overall security of their host country.

As such, the National Supply Chain Security Program (NSCSP) is designed to enable large and small countries to better protect their national interests by increasing the cyber defenses within their industrial base. NSCSP directs companies to comply with a cybersecurity standard that significantly increases their ability to defend themselves from cyber-attacks. The NSCSP will then confirm these new security measures with an independent evaluation of the company’s cybersecurity posture to confirm it meets the standard required by the host country. This independent assessment will help ensure companies do not just talk the talk, but also walk the walk.

National Supply Chain Security Program
person holding quadcopter controller
person holding quadcopter controller

Terranova Defense Solutions is highly specialized in crewed and uncrewed autonomous systems that are being used for Lan, Sea, Air and Space technologies. Terranova Defense is currently working on crewed aircraft manufacturing with mini-drone rapid deployment from design to concept to launch, we are focused at seeing the technologies we are working with through to the end. 

As part of our service we provide consulting, mobilization, development and growth opportunities to our strategic partners in expanding their EU and UK reach into the North and South American markets.

Terranova Defense Solutions is very protective of your digital footprint and privacy. We are here to help you meet and exceed through all that we do as we work with you to build your technology and release it, without the usual day-to-day struggles that several companies have to deal with.  

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