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Terranova Aerospace and Defense Industries

We are proud to announce the following programs being run through our organization that includes a variety of services within our sector, our community and in groups that we sponsor globally.

Terranova Aerospace and Defense Industries' corporate programs allow us to expand our services globally with companies and organizations who are our corporate affiliates, corporate partners and who are strategically engaged with us through services, events and programs.

Terranova is involved in a variety of platforms including aerospace and defense, cybersecurity, education, communications, software/hardware development, cyber product manufacturing, sports and recreation, team sponsorship and much more. 

Terranova Internship Program

Terranova's Internship Program has been designed to introduce global students and various youths, through established non-profits to apply for our aerospace and defense sector internship program, through a well-established learning environment that allows our candidates to become interns,  that will help our interns become more aware to the educational opportunities and careers that are available to them globally.

Our interns will enjoy a hands-on working program that looks for our interns, having them engaged in a 2-way business relationship that allows our interns to work with our management teams and industry leaders. We will teach each of our interns on how to succeed and exceed in aerospace and defense sectors at a junior entry level. 

Terranova Aerospace and Defense Industries' first successful European interns have been trained to work with and help our new interns that have been approved for our Intern Leader Program.  

Kristian El Zuni

Intern Leader (Latvia)

Dmytro Zhukov

Intern Leader (Poland)

Cyber Security Global Alliance

Cyber Security Global Alliance (CSGA) was Founded by James Castle in April 2021. Opened during Covid-19 as a Canadian Federally Registered Non-Profit Membership Based Organization which had been designed to help SMEs during the global pandemic to bring companies and resources together. Aiding through Unity our organization grew quickly becoming the worlds largest cyber defense hub in the 2nd quarter of 2023.

  • Cyber Security Global Alliance is the World's Largest Cyber Hub, operating in 20 countries over 6 continents and has over 90,000 subscribers between partnering organizations globally.

  • CSGA Specializes in the Cybersecurity, Cyber Education, Cyber Certification, Cyber Awareness, and in Cyber Defense.

  • CSGA has constructed a global superhighway with access to resources, research, talent and innovations through our partners and members.

  • CSGA takes a serious bite out of internal threats and cyberattacks today. Our services can save your company time and money, reach out and let us know how we can help you.


The CSR5 Program is a wholistic cybersecurity service platform to support SMBs by allowing them to cost effectively implement a best-in-class cyber security program that reduces their overall risk, implementation costs, improve resiliency and strategically positions them for response and recovery.

Our eligible clients allow anyone that uses a computer for any purpose that is personal, or business based or otherwise. Hackers today can attack most things with a working computer chip, which is why our CSR5 platform is so beneficial to our members, partners, and end users alike.

North America

GlobalTek North America is Dedicated to Globalizing Domestic and International Innovations to Advancing Technologies for the Betterment of Humankind through our Business Leaders and Investors Globally.

GlobalTek North America is a leading global innovator, advancing technologies for the betterment of humankind through our team of investors and business leaders. With a focus on both domestic and international innovation, we are at the forefront of globalizing advancements and funding opportunities in advancing technology for aerospace, cybersecurity and defense.

GlobalTek North America provides financial services to SMEs globally. Some of these projects include cybersecurity, education, certification, scientific research, medical research, manufacturing, construction, electronic systems, blockchain security platforms, post-quantum security solutions, advancing technologies, aerospace & defense projects globally

Volleyball Club

Spikeville Volleyball is a Canadian based Sports and Recreation Club that runs organized sports including competition competitive and non-competitive volleyball drop-in services in various regions throughout Ontario, Canada.

Terranova Aerospace and Defense Industries is a sponsor for the Spikeville Titans that play in competitive tournaments starting in 2024. Terranova's CEO, James Castle is the Team Captain for the Titans as is looking forward to their first tournaments coming in March 2024.

Online Safety Group

The Cyber Security Global Alliance (CSGA) Online Safety Group is a new service that provides comprehensive cybersecurity solutions and resources for their members and for general viewers to ensure that peoples businesses are being protected through a better understanding of awareness and availability to resources in cybersecurity as it relates to news, media and scams globally.


At Expansion, they propel growing companies to success by aligning talent with roles that fit perfectly. Expansion crafts scalable hiring processes that eliminate growing pains, while building teams primed for excellence.

In the span of 4 years: 930 million people have been in Expansion's database. +100 Roles Hired, +50k Candidates Vetted, +10 Industries and Fields Obtained, 60% interviewed to Hiring Rate, 14-30 Days Time to Fill a Role. Expansion has worked with Deloitte, DEI Consulting Engineers, Health Futures, EPAM, Cyber Security Global Alliance, Terranova Aerospace and Defense Industries, and many others.

Expansion can help you identify, attract, and retain top talent while reducing costs. Thanks to our LinkedIn partnership, we are able to reduce hiring costs by up to 30 by providing a custom recruitment strategy tailored to meet your specific needs. Expansion has a proven track record of building high performing teams for businesses in all industries.

Expansion is the Recruiting Master for GlobalTek International, Terranova Aerospace and Defense Industries, and for Cyber Security Global Alliance globally. If you require expert recruitment services, by leaders who work in the Human Resources field with skilled resources then Terranova's service with Expansion is for you. Reach out to them today for more information.

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